Birth to Death: The 7 stages of life

Stages of life

There are seven stages of life i.e

  1. Spills,
  2. Drills,
  3. Thrills,
  4. Bills,
  5. Ills,
  6. Pill’s,
  7. Will’s.

1. Spills

This is the first stage which falls between birth and 5 years. You cannot hold anything, Everything Spills when one is in this stage.

2. Drills

This is a learning stage, it’s more of a school drill. The life stage is between 6 years and 16 years.

It forms majorly the foundation of a person’s life. Most of the time it is influenced by peer pressure either negatively or positively. Top best insight found out that it’s very sensitive for a parent or guardian when dealing with a child in this stage.

3. Thrills

This is a life stage between 17 years to 25 years. It’s a youth thrill, you forget about tomorrow and enjoy life as it is.  No major investments or settling with life. Just adventure, exploration and fun. to some luck few people marry at this stage but with no real focus in life.

4. Bills

This is a life stage between 26 years to 40 years. It’s a stage one is transiting from been a youth to been an adult. At this stage one has a young family, is seeking career growth and is planning to settle. There are also other dependents that rely on the person. This comes with it’s major shares of bills. The resources are scarce and the bills are many to be paid.

5. Ills

This a life stage between 41 years to 60 years. The youthful nature of a person is no longer there and one becomes prolong to been ill . You get lifestyle diseases that you have to live with by just managing them


This a life stage between 61 years to 75 years. Having gotten lifestyle diseases, You have to eat Pills daily for you to live and able to run your day to day activities.

7. Will

This a life stage above 76 years . when one has been blessed with over 76 years years, you start planning your life after death by preparing a will. You have lived the best life can offer.