Savings culture

Savings culture Savings culture is the process of keeping aside and preserving funds for future use. Your savings can earn you passive income by investing in money markets, treasury bonds, fixed deposit account and securities.  […]


Savings. Savings is the action of putting aside a part of current income in order to consume or invest it later on. Mostly you make savings either for a rainy day, retirement or for a […]

Money Market

How to make passive income through investing in money markets-Kenya Wondering how to generate extra coin without being actively engaged in managing and monitoring your investment, investing in money market could be your solution. Money […]

Retirement planning

Retirement Planning Retirement planning is financial strategies for saving, investment and ultimately distributing funds meant to sustain you when no longer in any gainful income activity. This includes setting your retirement goals, estimating the amount […]


PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Personal Financial Management is an understanding of your financial situation in order to know how to plan for your future. This will help you watch what you earn versus spend and save […]