Money Mindset

A positive money mindset is manifestation and attitude about money that helps you change negative views. It guides your behavior towards money and allows you to believe you will be successful with money

Your positive money mindset is critical when it comes into improving your personal finance. You might dream of becoming debt free, you might need to save or invest. this is only possible when you have a positive mindset.

Your attitude will also play a great role. this will drive the decisions you make about saving, spending and generally how you handle your money. The following are some of the ways to create a positive money mindset

1. Create a budget

A budget is an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.

Budgets tend to make people nervous. They tend to fill budget as confining and restricting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Creating a budget will help control over the decisions you make around money on a day-to-day basis. Been in control and that you have the ability to improve your financial situation can help a great deal towards positive money mindset

2. Do not dwell on your past financial mistakes

There are few people who can boast they have never done financial mistake like missed bill payments or impromptu over spending thereby eating into their savings.

we all make mistakes and that does not determine who we are. note that failure is the path to success while a no may not mean that you cannot do it but it means next opportunity

3. Attend a course

Positive mindset is a valuable investment. By attending a courses that may help you on positive money mindset, you will have empowered yourself on been discipline, budgeting and creation of attainable plans/goals.

4. Express gratitude

I guarantee that if you think hard enough, you’ll realize you have a lot to be grateful for. once you are grateful, you tend to focus more on things that you have.

gratitude will drive contentment in your life which is the key to building because when you are content you are less likely to spend more. The simplest practice of gratitude can make all the difference.  The entire foundation for your success is how you perceive what’s possible or impossible.

5. stop comparing yourself or avoid envy

Stop comparing yourself to others and do things your way. In this age of social media, reality TV and social influencers, you get carried away into comparison.  you don’t know the real details of the other person’s finances, when you see someone driving a big car, you do not know their source of funds which could be fueled by credit card debt. you may be tempted to drive the same and you will find yourself into more financial challenges.

Create attainable personal goals and bench mark yourself based on the set goals. Cerebrate your wins, learn from mistakes done and update your goals as you endeavor to reach them.

6. Get right mentors

According to oxford dictionary a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser over period of time.

To have positive money mindset, there is need to audit the people you take advise from, is it friends, parents, relatives, business partners or co-workers.

Make a bold step to seek advise from the people who have already achieved what you desire to achieve and spend more time with them.

Mentors will help open lens from how you view the world by sharing their mental road map to financial success.

7. Understand Your Money Mindset

You might think you understand your thought patterns when it comes to money, but taking a deeper look might provide some interesting insight. Analyze the thoughts that come up each time you make a money decision. Reviewing for patterns will help understand your deep awareness towards positive money mindset

8. Set financial goals

By setting financial goals you make a road map towards positive money mindset.

When you take steps and go after goals, you start making progress on them and as you start making progress on them, your money mindset gets better and better because you realize what is attainable and decide which direction it goes


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