Why the government launched New digital number plate

Why the government launched New digital number plate
An image of NewDigital Number Plate

New digital number plate was launched by the government of Kenya on August 30 2022. This was part of enhancing security against duplication and in compliance with amended traffic act of 2016.

Some of the security features with the new digital number plate are;

  1. NTSA serial number
  2. QR code
  3. reflective
  4. the Kenyan flag
  5. watermark
  6. micro chip with data and a hologram.

These features will help curb general crimes, swapping, duplication, vehicle fraudster, Log book scams and terrorism.

The micro chip will store information such as Chassis number, year of manufacturer, type and colour of vehicle, engine number, transmission type, date and place of manufacture, and insurance details.

Not all security features will visible. Therefore, some of the features will be visible while others will be seen/access by security agencies for ease of tracing in case of any criminal activity. Example if a police man arrests someone driving a Mercedes Benz and the number plate is registered as a Honda CRV.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is the only legal entity tasked with rolling out the plates in compliance with the Traffic Act, 2016.

How to apply for digital number plate

There are two ways to apply for change of new generation number plate that is manually or online.

Those who wish to apply for the new number plates manually can obtain the application form from National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) offices. Details that are required include the owners and vehicle’s particulars indicate on the form. Once you complete applying for new generation number plate. Submit the form to NTSA. Remember to submit all necessary supporting/ required documents.

Incase you are applying online, you start by logging into NTSA website (www.ntsa.go.ke) and go to TIMS category and select reflective number plate.  Fill the details and remember to select point of collection.

When the New generation number plate is ready NTSA will alert you via text message.

Payment for the new generation number plate

Payment for the new generation number plate for vehicles, you need a budget of  Sh3,000 fee or ksh 30,000 for any preferred(customized) number plate and Ksh 1,500 for motorcycle plates. The payment is payable using M-pesa, airtel money or Card.


Vehicles that qualify for new generation number plate

Transport CS James Macharia said that the plates will cover 12 categories of vehicles in line with the legal notice 62 of 2016 and will ease the monitoring of vehicles being imported through the port of Mombasa

Deadline to apply for the digital plate

Kenyans will have 18 months to comply with the requirement to change to digital number plate. failure to comply, one risks  a fine of Ksh 20,000 or 6 months in imprisonment or both.