Savings growth
Savings growth


Savings is the action of putting aside a part of current income in order to consume or invest it later on. Mostly you make savings either for a rainy day, retirement or for a project.

Savings is a culture which is developed over time: If we look at our society today, you will note we have a spending culture as opposed to a savings culture.

To have a saving culture you need to form a Habit and Consistently, religiously follow. This will be achieved by adopting saving culture as a Way of Life:

With time you will realize the world is never going to run out of things you can buy.



  1. Start Now By Killing “never enough mentality”: when people receive their salary, they first pay bills and spend on other things and save the residue. With that you find nothing Is left to save. If you don’t step forward to start saving, you will always be in the same spot.
  2. Start with small amount you can manage: to be a saver, you need to set aside a portion of your salary and put it directly into your savings account.
  3. Have a personal budget: before you spend make a budget and stick to the budget
  4. Watch out your expenses: Start by tracking your day to day spending. If you are aware on what you spend your money on and why, it will assist to decide what changes you would make to begin saving.
  5. Resist upgrade: Realize saving culture does not just happen, it’s cultivated. Avoid buying or upgrading to things you can do without.
  6. Watch the Impulse buy: Avoid unnecessary expenditure, financial freedom is achieved to those who learn about it and work for it.
  7. Change your attitude: Change your mindset to be a saver not a spender. Attitude means a lot as much as it does not seem like a big thing. You have to desire to save money.